Vax made from snakes

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May 07 (11 months ago)
Jerry Cole Dunn wrote
This tells me it(the Vax) was influenced by the Devil’s advocacy. I’ve know about this since 1981. I have never got involved with this whole process.
I’m an alternative health person .
Eaten healthy food all my life.
Sorry to say that I had partial interest in what you have been doing . All I could do was to pray for you and your family.. and now your wrapping up
The Series I trust it has been an outstanding success.
Dear Jonathan Otto. I’m in my eighties. In reasonable shape, considering, as a war Veteran the campaigns I went through. Never allowed the authorities to contact me. No masks, No vax’s, and stay clear of of others
All over these last 4 years. I’m a true believer in Yeshua and His Helper The Holy Spirit Amen.
Live by His WORD.
That’s all you need for your life and that of your family. As soon “ The Gathering out of the earth for His Power and Glory “ for those Born Again . Trust you all will be at the wedding Feast .
To approach
The Throne of Grace” Amen.
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